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Laundry Sheets

Laundry Sheets - Laundry Sheets - Wool dryer balls (3-Pack)

Laundry Sheets - Laundry Sheets - Wool dryer balls (3-Pack)

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Our sheep wool dryer balls are made of premium quality wool from New Zealand. It’s a smart and energy saving alternative and reduces the drying time significantly. -Reduces dry time, wrinkles and static -Saving energy -Soften your laundry naturally -No chemicals -No synthetics and fillers -Hypoallergenic -Fragrance-free -Reusable and can last 1000+ loads

HOW TO USE: Put the wet laundry in the dryer machine and place the wool balls together with the laundry. Press start, and that’s it! PRODUCT DETAILS: Product: New Zealand Wool Balls Volume: 3 wool dryer balls in one bag Weight: 130g / 4.6 oz

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