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Pooka the Energy Witch

Pooka the Energy Witch - Wire Wrap Pendant - Howlite

Pooka the Energy Witch - Wire Wrap Pendant - Howlite

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All of my designs are handmade & one-of-a-kind. I only make them with clear & pure intent., "To harm none!" I let the stones speak to me and created a design based on what that stone made me feel at that moment. I have Charged their intent to assist you on your adventure, to help you find what you need most. 

The wires I use will vary and the color will change over time as part of the design. 

Wires and beads are 100% Nickle free! Wrapped with plated copper wire for optimal conduction.

This Howlite pendant is charged to strengthen memory, and calms a hot temper. To recharge/cleanse the stone, hang it in direct moonlight as needed. 

Pendant Measures 18mmx25mm

*This is a consignment item and therefore is excluded from any sales, deals, or discounts. 

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