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The Cove by Dune

Dune Jewelry - Wave Bracelet - Turquoise Gradient

Dune Jewelry - Wave Bracelet - Turquoise Gradient

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Keep your favorite coastal travels close at hand with this beautiful sterling silver wave bracelet with our Turquoise Gradient Technique. This handcrafted piece is sterling silver, filled with your choice of sand or earth element and layered to a gem-like finish. It’s the perfect everyday reminder of your favorite travels.

  • .925 sterling silver
  • Wave shaped setting
  • Nautical flair
  • Setting is approximately 32mm round in diameter
  • Handmade with Love & Sandy Hands in the USA®
  • Main photo shown is handmade with beach sand from West Dennis Beach, Cape Cod & Turquoise Power Stone

Dune Signature Turquoise Gradient

This design will be handmade with our Signature Turquoise Gradient into your selected sand or earth element. The sand or earth element you are selecting for the design will be inlaid BELOW the Turquoise as shown in the product photo.

                                          *Not pictured with the sand available at The Cove*

                                          To customize this product with any of the available 5,000 beach sands, sea shells and elements, visit

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