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Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood - Becca - Recycled Vegan Bag - Coconut Cream

Pixie Mood - Becca - Recycled Vegan Bag - Coconut Cream

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A sleek structured tote made with smooth finish vegan leather. The highlight of this tote is the sleek hardware handles that subtly accessorize the bag. Perfectly sized to fit a tablet and notebooks, it is the perfect bag for work or a more formal event. The sleek lines of this bag pair perfectly with a blazer or a suit jacket to help you look extra polished. Wear it with a long strap for easy commuting when you need your hands free. If you're a person who always needs your phone handy, just slip it in the exterior pocket on the back, and there's also a key holder strap to keep your keys safe and easily accessible. We've got it all thought out for you.

The exterior of the bag is made with recycled vegan leather that is made from recycled plastic bottles, and our lining is created from a durable fabric that is also created from recycled plastic bottles, because sustainability matters, a lot. Made with recycled water bottle lining. Made with contrasting white stitching.

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