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Meditations for Every Day

Meditations for Every Day

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Bring more peace and tranquillity into your life with the help of this little book of practical advice, wise words and soothing meditations

Even in the rush of the busiest days, there is a way to press pause on life's pressures and find a stillness within. Meditation is the key. Whether you're completely new to the practice or just looking for a dose of further inspiration, this book will help you establish a long-lasting and soul-nourishing habit.

Within these pages you will find a selection of simple yet effective tips to help you meditate with comfort, clarity and confidence, including:
- Advice on how to find the best times and places to meditate
- Useful exercises to help you manage and reduce stress and anxiety
- Mindful mantras to promote inner peace and progress on your spiritual journey
Enriched with quotations from celebrated champions of these timeless techniques, this book is your pocket-sized guide to living more fully and freely in the present moment.

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